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SafeHaven Membership Benefits

Yes, we all still worry about Mom but with the SafeHaven membership and their amazing Plan, Support and Certified Providers – we feel we have a team.

Membership Overview

The SafeHaven Membership has 3 essentials benefits: 

Your Occupational Therapist Virtual Walk-Thru and Plan

Your Registered Nurse Virtual Check-Ins

Access to our 100+ fully vetted and Certified Providers

SafeHaven Membership

Occupational Therapist Virtual Walk-Thru and Plan

The Essential First Step

The SafeHaven 360 Plan is the most comprehensive approach to senior safety and injury prevention. Setting a new standard, our 360 Audit is a revolutionary, non-invasive, interactive virtual experience. Designed and guided by professionals, your plan is the standard by which all audits and Plans will be measured in the future. 

I feel like my Dad’s home is senior-safe now, and the report goes way beyond just “trip and fall” advice.

Guidance – Your Occupational Therapist (OT) takes time to get to know you and how you interact with your home.

Virtual Walk-Thru – During your virtual walk-thru with the OT, you will review the photos of your home together. We encourage you to invite a family member or buddy to be part of the conversation. This collaboration allows the OT to have a thorough knowledge of your home and how you interact within it.

Report – Together, you and your SafeHaven OT Guide discuss recommendations and identify solutions formulating your customized SafeHaven 360 Plan just for you.

Guidance – Once your SafeHaven 360 Plan is completed it is available through the Membership Portal to view, download and share with your family or care providers. Your SafeHaven RN Guide will take the time to review your plan with you and make additional recommendations based on the conversation.

SafeHaven Membership

Registered Nurse – Virtual Monthly 360 Check-ins

Supporting Your 360 Plan

The SafeHaven RN 360 Check-In system is the keystone of your 360 Plan. Your nurse monitors changes, challenges, and stress levels. This time together is designed to keep you on track and thriving.

Your Registered Nurse – Your virtual SafeHaven 360 Check-Ins are by phone or on a virtual platform. This time is to talk about life changes, stress and anxiety and how you are managing day-to-day in your routines.

Your SafeHaven 360 Plan – Your Plan is a living document so as you change, so does the approach. You may have had some health issues – while your nurse cannot offer medical advice – you can be advised by your nurse on how to best carry out your doctor’s orders at home. Your happiness and well-being are primary focuses. Invite your family to join your monthly check-in calls.

We both feel like our SafeHaven nurse has become a family friend.

SafeHaven Membership

Access to Fully Vetted/Certified Providers

Avoiding Spam, Scams, and Predators

Seniors are often perceived as “easy marks” to be taken advantage of – it’s a sad fact and a pervasive problem. The SafeHaven Team has worked hard to develop a stable of providers that our membership can rely on for fair professional practices, pricing and performance.

Where do all these scams come from? My SafeHaven access to certified providers saves me a lot of time, hassle and yes, grief.

Why Our Providers Stand Out:

By Invitation Only – We have carefully selected providers known for their focus on consistent customer success in 100+ areas that we have pre-defined.

Rigorous Standards – Each provider must meet our requirements including high ethical standards, equal rights employment, industry compliances, procedures reflecting a respectful attitude toward customers, property, and processes.

Senior Awareness – All of our providers are experienced at working with Seniors, who may at times require custom work.

Customer Service Pledge – SafeHaven has established a Customers Service Pledge to our members. The pledge requires a high standard of service but also specific practices when providers visit your home. The pledge must be signed and dated by the provider’s chief executive before joining our roster. Violations of the Pledge are grounds for dismissal from SafeHaven.

Access to our certified providers is for SafeHaven members only. You will find that of the 100+ providers, many offer free services. Others offer discounts or e-coupons. All our providers offer proven services and abide by the SafeHaven Pledge.

Our goal is to prevent injury, worry, loneliness, and anxiety for you and your loved ones if you choose to age at home.

SafeHaven is dedicated to preserving your independence, purpose and joy on the age-at-home journey.

Stay safe and thrive,
—The SafeHaven Staff