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Frequently Asked Questions

DwellAssured / SafeHaven 360

How does DwellAssured’s SafeHaven 360 Plan assist seniors and their families?

We create a SafeHaven community for our members to happily age at home. Our SafeHaven Registered Nurses and Occupational Therapist Guides and SafeHaven 360 Plan are designed to fully support you and your loved ones to age at home successfully.

What is the cost of a SafeHaven Membership?

Membership is $40 per month, payable at the time of registering.

What is included in the SafeHaven Membership?
You are assigned your SafeHaven Registered Nurse and Occupational Therapist Guides to follow you through the year. You will receive a SafeHaven 360 Plan that is customized to you and your specific needs and your home.
For a couple that resides at the same residence; do they need one or two SafeHaven memberships?
If a couple resides at the same residence, they are eligible to combine their SafeHaven Membership for one SafeHaven Membership fee.
Are you a case management team?
No, but we can help you with some aspects of case management or direct you where to go to get the answers you need.
How is the SafeHaven 360 Plan different than a home care agency?
We are a team of RN and OTs that help guide you in selecting the appropriate service providers to assist in making your home a safer dwelling. We also follow up with you monthly with RN calls to make sure the services have been provided and assist you with any issues or questions you have during the process. We are not limited in time; we will be with you for as long as you wish.

RN’s,  OT’s and Insurance

Do you work with my insurance company?
The SafeHaven Membership nor the SafeHaven 360 Plan is covered by insurance. The SafeHaven Guides may be able to work with Medicare and Medicaid or refer you to resources to get you what you need (such as canes, walkers, breathing equipment, etc.).
Are you working with Medicare or Medicaid so maybe I can get some of these done thru insurance?
We may be able to work with Medicare or Medicaid to help the member get what they need.
How are your SafeHaven Registered Nurses and Occupational Therapists Guides qualified to work with seniors and their families choosing to age at home?
Our SafeHaven Guides are experienced medical professionals who are Aging-in-Place Experts with a passion for working with seniors and their loved ones. An Aging-in-Place Expert is one with a wealth of knowledge and experience for the variety of needs of seniors and the progressive and acute conditions that can affect them. Our guides are not only equipped with the knowledge of home safety, fall prevention, and home modifications solutions but all the other common barriers a senior and their caregiver may face to age in place successfully.
How often are my virtual visits with the SafeHaven Occupational Therapist Guide?
You will see your OT at the initial assessment. If you experience a lifestyle change due to a planned or unplanned event, your OT will update your SafeHaven 360 Plan with you.
Who do I call if I have any questions after my initial SafeHaven 360 Plan
You can connect with your SafeHaven RN Guide whenever you have any questions or concerns. We are your partner!
In addition to my monthly check-in calls, what other instances should I reach out to my SafeHaven RN Guide?
Always reach out to your SafeHaven RN Guide if you have an issue or concern with one of our SafeHaven Providers completing their work to your satisfaction. Quality work is our highest priority! If you experience an unexpected change that warrants modifying your SafeHaven 360 Plan or to reschedule your monthly check-in call with your RN, give us a call!
If my PCP or any other healthcare providers want to reach out to you, can they?
With your permission you can give your SafeHaven RN Guide’s information to any of your healthcare team members or emergency contacts.

Certified SafeHaven Providers

Who are the Certified SafeHaven Providers?
They are the service providers that utilize their offerings to support the member’s SafeHaven Plan. They have gone through a rigorous vetting process, are bonded, insured, ADA and CDC complaint, and competitively priced.
How does DwellAssured follow through with the Certified SafeHaven Providers?
We have a great relationship with all our SafeHaven Providers. If any issues come up we reach out to them to fix any issue. We have a system in place to notify us when the service was accepted and completed. Just as we follow up with you monthly, we also follow up with our service providers.
If I am having any issues with a Certified SafeHaven Provider, should I reach out to them directly or to DwellAssured?
You can reach out to the Certified SafeHaven Provider directly, but if any issues are causing you concern or anxiety, you should connect with your SafeHaven Guide.
What happens if a Certified SafeHaven Provider does not follow through on their commitments?
We request that you inform your SafeHaven Registered Nurse Guide immediately and DwellAssured will connect with the provider promptly. After an investigation, if it is determined that the SafeHaven Provider does not meet the DwellAssured expectations or adhere to the Clients Bill of Rights, then action will be taken by DwellAssured.
How can I be assured that your service providers are safe and won’t scam me, or my loved one?
All of the DwellAssured Certified SafeHaven Providers are required to sign a Client Bill of Rights to participate in the SafeHaven program.
What if I need help with a particular service but you do not have a provider in my area?
DwellAssured will do its best to accommodate everyone. If there is not a provider in your area, we have specialists that connect with you about local providers in nearby areas for that service.
What are your hours of operation?
The hours of operation are Monday – Friday, 9 am to 8 pm EST