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  • Decision making
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“My humans and I are staying right here in our home where we belong. We have a SafeHaven Membership and Plan for aging at home.”

SafeHaven Membership

A Whole New Plan for Aging at Home

Protecting Our Members from:

Slipping & Falling, Anxiety, Loneliness, Depression


Health, Independence, Purpose, Joy

We started with the virtual 360 Walk-Thru with a very warm, helpful Occupational Therapist. It was comprehensive and interactive – Dad was truly heard.

The SafeHaven Membership

Aging at home can cause stress and worry on seniors and their loved ones.
The SafeHaven Membership brings peace of mind.

SafeHaven 360 Plan

The first and only comprehensive Occupational Therapist (OT) guided virtual audit and plan. 

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Registered Nurse Check-Ins

Virtual Monthly 360 Check-In™ – Seniors change, circumstances change, and your 360 Plan and Support must evolve.

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Vetted, Certified Providers

100+ SafeHaven Professionals On Call
No more spam, scams, & predators.

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Our 360 View of Well-Being

1. Safety & Security – Our Occupational Therapist guides you with a virtual 360 Walk-Thru Audit & Plan that is revolutionary. Your input is valued and essential.

2. Health & Well Being – Monthly 360 Check-in by your Registered Nurse covering any changes, areas of stress or anxiety and adjustments to your 360 Plan.

3. Home Modifications & Maintenance – 100+ fully vetted and SafeHaven 360 Certified Providers.

4. The SafeHaven 360 Team of RNs, Guides & Buddy-System – assures that you maintain a community of support and keep your valued routines.

5. Meaning & Purpose – Our team empowers you to pursue meaningful activities.

Our SafeHaven RN checks in with us each month to ask about any changes in our lives or new needs or stressors – and to see if we are just plain happy.

A Note from Hugh Reese, Our Founder

Several doctors, including two geriatric specialists, have grimly told me that with our present model for aging, we will have an entire generation of depressed seniors without purpose, feeling like they are burdens to their children, family and to society.

Our present system is based on response to health emergencies. The downward spiral begins with confused, and totally unprepared families forced to make panic decisions rarely in line with the senior’s wishes.

Having worked as a volunteer supporting seniors over the past 25 years, I decided to assemble a team of Occupational Therapists and Registered Nurses to design “something” to simply, easily, and inexpensively address this problem. Something to help seniors and their loved ones to alleviate worry – to age safely and joyously at home.

The result?  SafeHaven 360!

“Everyone deserves a SafeHaven”
Be well and thrive,
Hugh Reese

Worried About Mom, Dad, Grandparents?

In a recent survey 97% of seniors wish to age at home. SafeHaven 360 is on the vanguard of new vital ways Seniors can stay safe and enjoy an aging-at-home lifestyle. It is the most thoughtful gift you can give to an older loved one. If you are a worrier, it is the best gift you can give yourself.

The cost is just $40 per month. Become A SafeHaven Member

My SafeHaven buddy is my grandson. He wants the best for me.