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The Science Behind DwellAssured

Developed by leading advance practice RNs and gerontology experts, the DwellAssured 360-Degree Assessment is the foundation of your customized DwellAssured Plan. Your Plan enables you to remain in your home safely and successfully as you age. We help you live your best life in your home.

Our gerontology experts developed DwellAssured’s 360-Degree Assessment and personalized DwellAssured Plan in accordance with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Hierarchy of Needs for Older Adults model. The science shows that once your essential needs are met—needs like home safety modifications and proper health care—you can focus on enjoying a more fulfilling and enriching life and include the things you love in your life.

DwellAssured puts the power of science to work for you.


DwellAssured Provides Everything You Need to Thrive in Your Home & Live Your Best Life

If you’re like more than 90% of older adults—you want to remain in your home as you age. That decision is an easy one. But how can you do that? Your personalized DwellAssured Plan, based on your DwellAssured 360-Degree Assessment, provides everything you need to do so safely, successfully, happily, and without stress and anxiety.

Here’s How
It Works

DwellAssured 360-Degree Plan: DwellAssured’s licensed RNs and Occupational Therapists are Aging-In-Place experts with extensive experience working with older adults and helping them manage the specific challenges they face. Your RN, through an in-depth phone appointment, and your Occupational Therapist, through an in-person home visit, develop a customized 360-Degree Plan to make your home safe and more livable.

This in-depth Assessment addresses your unique needs and priorities including:

  • Medical
  • Physical
  • Mental & Emotional
  • Social
  • Health Care
  • Nutrition
  • Home Safety, Accessibility & Maintenance
  • Daily Chores & Routines
  • Transportation
  • Overall Well-Being

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One of the goals of your 360-Degree Plan is to identify challenges, including the causes of stress and anxiety, so we can develop strategies to help you thrive in your home. We identify the stable and predictable routines you value so we can incorporate the solutions that will preserve these routines for as long as possible.

The DwellAssured Plan
What’s Included

Senior using walker for mobility
Seniors in Kitchen

Independent Living - At Home

Following an accident, we wanted to make sure our Mom had everything she needed to be able to live normally at home. DwellAssured helped lay out the items we needed and connected our family with trusted contractors that specialize in these kinds of services. We're so thankful we had some support during a relatively difficult time.

- Jason M (Silver Spring, MD)

Take the first step today.

The DwellAssured Age-In-Place Plan is a comprehensive view of your needs. Our Registered Nurses will begin with a comprehensive phone evaluation. Our licensed Occupational Therapists will then visit your home and perform DwellAssured’s 360-Degree Age-In-Place Home Assessment. This two part assessment will help us develop an Age-In-Place Plan that ensures your comfort and safety. We’ll even connect you with trusted service providers and specialized support services.