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DwellAssured Breaks Down Barriers For Older Adults To Live At Home And Thrive

SafeHaven 360 Plan™ Leads the Way

Annapolis, Maryland (May 4, 2022) – In celebration of Older Americans Month, DwellAssured is launching its new SafeHaven Membership Community which provides older adults (55+) an innovative way to stay in their homes, protecting them from loneliness and anxiety and preserving their sense of purpose, joy, and independence. As part of the Community, members receive a virtual walk-thru audit that results in a customized SafeHaven 360 Plan focused on an individual’s every day needs to live independently in their homes. Members also receive monthly follow-ups from a personal registered nurse and have access to a network of 100+ certified SafeHaven providers. “Studies show that 97-percent of people want to age in place, and more than 90-percent of family members will go to extraordinary measures to ensure their loved ones can stay at home long-term1,” said Hugh Reese, CEO of DwellAssured. “However, the current geriatric model in our country does not allow for this to happen easily nor effectively.  Aging at home can cause stress and anxiety for seniors and their caregivers, so the time is now to break down barriers so seniors can live their best lives.  Every older adult deserves to be treated with respect, dignity and fairness and our SafeHaven 360 Plan can provide that for the more than 54 million older adults2 in our country today.” The SafeHaven 360 Plan, designed by a team of seasoned occupational therapists and registered nurses, considers all the needs of an individual so they can remain thriving at home and in their greater community. The Plan is created around the following five pillars:

  • Safety and Security
  • Health and Wellbeing
  • Home Modifications and Maintenance
  • Relationships and Routines
  • Meaning and Purpose

“Over the past 20-plus years as an occupational therapist, I have heard time and time again about families caught off guard when their parents or grandparents have a fall or suddenly become ill and they scramble to find resources to help their loved ones stay at home,” said Rachel Seltzer, SafeHaven 360 Director, DwellAssured. “Our professional team takes the guesswork out of helping older adults age in place long-term and helps families be proactive, rather than reactive. The SafeHaven 360 Plan takes into consideration all their needs that will help them live in their home independently and evolves when their everyday needs do.” Another real concern for older adults is fraud and security. More than 3.5 million older adults every year are victims of financial exploitation each year and are often perceived as ‘easy marks’ to be taken advantage of which is a pervasive problem in our society. Reese added, “Our team has worked diligently to develop a list of vetted SafeHaven providers from more than 60 categories from pet services to organizational services to handyman to legal and financial services.  It is important that older adults can rely on and trust the people they hire to help them with their everyday needs, while feeling safe and respected.” For more information about how you or someone you love can join the SafeHaven Membership Community, visit www.safehavenforseniors.org.

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2S. Census Bureau

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