The Hierarchy Of Needs For Seniors To Live Independently

At DwellAssured, we help seniors successfully identify and meet their needs so that they can continue to live a fulfilling life in their favorite space—their forever home. In order to ensure the absolute best quality of living, where our clients can make memories, discover their purpose, and leave their distinctive mark on the world, we categorize clients’ needs and our services through a comprehensive classification system that serves as a hierarchy of needs for seniors, known as the Aging In Place Hierarchy of Needs.

Based on Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, MIT AgeLab’s director and founder, Joseph Coughlin applied the distinguished hierarchal structure to the lifestyle choices that often come with a senior’s decision to age in place. The concept pushes the idea that once their basic needs are successfully addressed and met, they can reach transcendence, meaning they can leave a legacy by engaging in society, enriching their lives and the lives of others, and continuing to learn and contribute in their respective communities.

Breaking Down The Hierarchy Of Needs For Seniors

The Aging In Place Hierarchy of Needs* thrives off of five core parts. Each is like a unique piece of a puzzle, that comes together to ensure and enable older adults to age in place efficiently and cost effectively, while maintaining a high quality of life. The categories include:

  • Health

  • Safety

  • Connectivity

  • Contribution 

  • Legacy

At DwellAssured, we make it our mission to solve the most basic needs first—such as food, shelter, safety, and security— in order to reach the more satisfying, higher level needs of meaning and self-actualization. Higher level needs include, but aren’t limited to, the pursuit of happiness, spiritual and mental growth, inspiration, and human connection. As a single source for seniors and their families, we help navigate the aging in place process, from our DwellAssured 360-Degree Age In Place Home Assessment, to the DwellAssured Needs Navigator, and our DwellAssured-Certified Service Provider Network, we are here to assist seniors throughout their journey.

Ultimately, elderly individuals want to share their wisdom and be active participants in the lives of others. By meeting their basic needs, we are enabling them to focus on the things that are truly important to them.

Health & Wellness

Health and wellness needs are an inevitable part of life, but by maintaining the best level of care, older adults can continue to serve others and live an active life. Our health and wellness services help older adults and their family members make the right choices when it comes to the following:

  • In-home care services for seniors

  • Healthcare access

  • Telehealth for seniors

  • Healthy living initiatives

Safety & Security

When prioritizing safety needs, the focus is driven by one main idea— “How can I live safely and securely in my home?” While it may seem like a daunting task, it is certainly an essential part of the experience, with a third of older adult homeowners anticipating the need of critical home modifications. With the help of our assessments and our DwellAssured-Certified Service Providers, we are able to help you evaluate your living space and your basic necessities. Together, we can address some common safety and security needs, which include:

  • Home security and monitoring

  • Home safety modifications for seniors

  • Aging in place home modifications

  • Medical alert systems for seniors

Connectivity & Community Engagement

While there are many factors that contribute to why 88% of adults who are 65 and older want to age in place, a sense of belonging and community are often at the top. Many older adults have lived in their homes for years, meaning that they have established meaningful connections and friendships with their neighbors. Community engagement is a higher-level need that ensures individuals are connected to those who share the same passions, hobbies, and overall zest for life. Social components include:

  • Access to senior centers, clubs, places of worship, and more

  • Technology for seniors

  • Senior transportation

Contribution & Lifelong Learning

Many seniors are lifelong learners who strive to chase knowledge, grow, and share their understanding of the world with others. Today, numerous colleges and universities are welcoming seniors back on their campuses with specialized programs designed to help them further their education. In fact, gerontological research has proved that enhanced learning environments can actually lessen the cognitive effects of aging—keeping adults active and engaged! Common learning and contribution opportunities include:

  • Volunteer work

  • Continuing education for older adults

  • Financial health and wellbeing

Leaving A Legacy

Once seniors can successfully secure the following needs—health, safety, connectivity, and contribution—they can reach the summit of the hierarchy of needs for seniors—legacy. At DwellAssured, we assist seniors in their journey to reaching this destination of self-fulfillment.  With it, comes endless possibilities to explore new hobbies, go on new adventures, and make once-in-a-lifetime memories. Reaching this legacy level includes:
  • Self-fulfillment 

  • Enhanced talents

  • Inter-generational sharing

Unlock The Possibilities: With the DwellAssured Needs Navigator and DwellAssured 360-Degree Age In Place Home Assessment, you can discover what you need to live a gratifying and independent life in your home.

*Source: Coughlin, Joseph F. and Lau, Jasmine. “Global Aging & Technology Policy: Extending the Vision of Innovation in Aging Societies.” Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 2006.

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