DwellAssured Service Provider Network

Our Service Provider Network

Client Bill Of Rights

When you open your home to a DwellAssured-Certified Service Provider, you’ll be met with professionals who are dedicated to a higher level of customer service. They have not only passed our rigorous certification process, but they have also committed to upholding the values outlined by our Client Bill of Rights below. 

If, at any time, you feel that a DwellAssured-Certified Service Provider has not met our standards of service, we encourage you to contact us immediately for assistance.

COVID-19 Safety

All DwellAssured-Certified Service Providers  are expected to have appropriate COVID-19 safety measures in place. Please contact us if you feel that a DwellAssured-Certified Service Provider has not followed proper health and safety procedures.

As A DwellAssured Client, You Have The Right To...

  1. Be treated with kindness, dignity, and respect.

  2. Service based on honesty and ethical standards of conduct free from abuse, exploitation, retaliation, humiliation, and neglect.

  3. Know the identity of individuals who will be working with you, or who may be in your home.

  4. Receive services in a professional manner without discrimination of age, race, sex, religion, ethnic origin, sexual preference, or physical/cognitive disability.

  5. Receive and review detailed invoices and to have the information explained, as necessary.

  6. Be made aware of all financial resources available for your care, and/or all services rendered.

  7. Obtain the highest level of personal accountability and professional commitment and the guarantee that any mistakes will be corrected.

  8. Ask and be informed of the relationship between any provider and DwellAssured. 

  9. Voice complaints about services provided without reprisal or discrimination.

  10. Prompt and reasonable response to questions and requests.

Accessing Our Service Provider Network

Access to our service provider network is included as part of your DwellAssured 360-Degree Age In Place Home Assessment. Your assessor will connect to the network and help you find the service providers who are right for you.