DwellAssured Service Provider Network

Certification Process

All service providers in the DwellAssured network must complete our rigorous certification process. This ensures you get the best service, solutions, and expertise for all your aging-in-place needs.

How We Verify

Every service provider undergoes a thorough documentation check and vetting process, which reviews the following:

Professional & State Licenses


Professional Organization Memberships


Formal Complaints, Judgements, or Lawsuits

Formal Complaints, Judgements & Lawsuits

Employee Background Checks

DwellAssured Face to face interview

DwellAssured Personal Interview

Additional Service Provider Accountability

Referral Partners

DwellAssured Referral Partners are carefully selected based on their focus on serving the needs of older adults and their support of the decision to Age in Place in their home.


Using a standardized set of metrics that evaluate things like customer service, timeliness, and quality of work, we rank all DwellAssured-Certified Service Providers internally. You’ll only be connected to the highest-ranked professionals in your community.

Client Bill Of Rights

We require all DwellAssured-Certified Service Providers to sign and adhere to our Client Bill of Rights. You have the opportunity to report any provider who does not meet our standards of service.

Schedule your 360-Degree Age In Place Home Assessment. At your appointment, your assessor will help you identify your aging-in-place goals and needs, and connect you to a personalized selection of DwellAssured-Certified Service Providers based on those priorities.