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DwellAssured-Certified Experts To Handle Everything On Your To-Do List

As part of your DwellAssured 360-Degree Age In Place Home Assessment, your assessor will connect you to our exclusive network of DwellAssured-Certified Service Providers in your community. These experts can help you implement all the care at home services that your aging in place plan requires—from home safety modifications to estate planning.

Best-In-Class Options

Our Referral Partners are selected based on their established credentials and experience of working with older adults and supporting their decision to Age in Place in their homes.  They offer many diverse and innovative services which deliver on the higher levels of Maslow’s Hierarchy of needs.

You’re Always In Control

You have made the decision to Age in Place in your home: with your Aging In Place Plan as the guide to the path you have chosen, you are always in control.  An Aging In Place Plan is custom designed for you to reflect your services needs, preferences, and creates a home where you are in control.

Types Of Care At Home Provider Services

The network includes DwellAssured-Certified Service Providers in more than 50 categories to support all your aging in place needs.

Handrail Installation
Handrail Installation
Bathroom Remodelling
Bathroom Remodeling
Kitchen Icon
Kitchen Remodeling
Home Maintenance Icon
Home Maintenance
Nutrition & Meals
Meal Services
Mobility & Transportation
Transportation Services
Home Health Care
Fitness & Exercise
Bookkeeping Icon
Bookkeeping & Medical Reimbursements
Elder Law & More

Guided By Your Assessor

Connection to the DwellAssured-Certified Service Provider Network is included in your DwellAssured 360-Degree Age In Place Home Assessment. Our team is always here to help you get the right solutions—and people—in place.


During your assessment, you and your assessor will identify your top 3 to 4 priorities.


Your assessor will connect you to a personalized choice of service providers to match those priorities.


Once your priorities are managed, we’ll help you access additional service providers to tackle the rest of your to-do list.

Is your organization interested in becoming a DwellAssured-Certified Service Provider?