How To Find The Best Senior Care Manager

If you are overwhelmed running a business, you hire someone to pitch in. A senior care manager is just that. When finding the best care management services, you are putting someone on your team, giving you the bandwidth to focus on yourself. While you are pursuing your hobbies, spending time with loved ones, and relaxing, your care manager is in the wings planning for your future and coordinating your medical, legal, and financial needs.

A senior care manager can provide many services, and you can be as hands-off or as involved in planning as you wish. The level of involvement they have in your life is dependent on you. They can simply be on standby for emergencies, or they can coordinate weekly care services. You can have a short-term agreement where they create a plan for the future or a long-term agreement with frequent check-ins.

Care Management Services Can Include:

Evaluating, arranging, and monitoring your in-home personnel and care needs.

A senior care manager can come to your home and evaluate your needs. This can include:

  • What accommodations need to be made to your home to ensure your safety
  • What services you may need to help with your home upkeep, such as cleaning, yard work, or meal delivery
  • What options for in-home medical services are the best for you

A care manager can offer suggestions and planning for these in-home services, but they also have connections to trusted local businesses or professionals who can provide you with these services. A care manager saves you the hassle of research and interviewing–they have a list of tried-and-true personnel at the ready.

Coordinating your medical appointments and arranging for transportation.

If you have several chronic or acute medical conditions, managing your schedule of specialists and appointments can be overwhelming. Some services that a care manager can do include:

  • Scheduling appointments
  • Acting as a liaison between your other providers
  • Arranging for transportation to your appointments

Identifying social services and programs that could help you.

There are a multitude of services and programs available to you for free or at a subsidized cost–if you dig. A senior care manager has done this digging and is well versed in the offerings of the government and local organizations. They can suggest programs based on your needs and wants, from grants to make your home accessible to local clubs and social groups. If you have a specific need or want, a care manager can do the research and present you with options.

Making referrals to financial, legal, or medical professionals and suggesting ways to avert problems.

Perhaps you are looking to establish a trust or update your will, or maybe you want to evaluate your financial future. You might have a family medical history of dementia, and want to be prepared with a medical plan just in case. A care manager has contact information for the best estate planners, financial planners, and specialized medical professionals for seniors. With a care manager on your side, you can plan for the future and give yourself peace of mind.

Explaining complex or difficult topics to your loved ones.

It can be exhausting to be the one to relay medical news, financial plans, or legal issues to family. A care manager can act as your liaison, keeping all your loved ones in the loop of your plans and health. They can break down complex issues and broach difficult topics.

Creating short- and long-term care plans for other living arrangements.

Maybe you are looking to transition into a different long-term living arrangement, or a recent injury or illness has you temporarily in a short-term care facility. A care manager can find your options, coordinate moves, and develop a comprehensive plan to fit your needs.

Acting as a liaison to your family who may be hundreds of miles away.

If you have loved ones all over the map, it is nice to have someone who can send regular updates and coordinate any medical, legal, or financial planning. Your loved ones will have peace of mind knowing you have someone local at your call, and you will have peace of mind knowing your loved ones are in the loop.

Arranging for care in emergencies.

Emergencies can happen at any time, so having a care manager on call can give you huge peace of mind. They can coordinate any care you will need as a result of a medical emergency, and work with you and your loved ones to adjust your plan for the future if needed. You can also preemptively develop a plan for emergencies with your care manager if you feel you need that peace of mind.

Finding Peace Of Mind With A Senior Care Manager

The most beneficial thing about the services provided by a care manager is gaining beneficial knowledge and knowing you have a support system. Having someone on your side who is licensed, and knowledgeable on the ins and outs of aging provides you with an excellent resource to prepare for the future.

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