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Technology For Seniors


Therapy For Seniors: Teletherapy VS. In-Office

Older adult mental health is just as important as their physical health, and for a long time, it was overlooked. But not …

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Think Smart: How to Become More Tech-Savvy as a Senior

A Device For Every Need: Helping Seniors With Technology

Helping seniors with technology ensures that they can stay in touch safely and securely.  Technology keeps us connected, informed, and …

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Identity Theft

How To Prevent Elderly Identity Theft

According to the Federal Trade Commission’s “Consumer Sentinel Network Data Book,” the most common categories for fraud complaints in 2019 …

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Virtual Communication

How Seniors Are Staying Connected With Family

Technology and virtual communication is great for many things. Mainly, staying connected with family and friends over distances and generations, without …

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Senior Man on Smartphone

What’s The Best Smartphone For Senior Citizens?

91% of people 65 or older use a cellphone, with half of those individuals using smartphones. So what’s the best …

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Senior Man Learning Guitar Online

Best Online Courses For Seniors Who Love To Learn

As your body changes with age, your brain changes too. In fact, mental decline is one of the biggest fears …

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