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Installing Light Fixtures

Sensory-Friendly Aging In Place Remodeling Tips

Seniors may find that through the natural aging process their eyesight or hearing may not be what it was in …

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Organizing An Aging In Place Laundry Room

While your laundry room might not be at the top of your list of areas in your home to keep …

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Organized Kitchen Cabinet

How To Design Elderly-Friendly Kitchen Cabinets

When considering design options for an elderly-friendly kitchen, perhaps the most important place to start is with your cabinets. Choosing …

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Bathroom Safetyåç

The Best Aging In Place Bathroom Design For Tubs & Showers

Taking a shower or bath might not seem like a difficult feat for many people, but for individuals who are …

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What Is ADA Remodeling?

As your needs change, so should your home. Some changes are small—adding a grab bar in the shower, or a …

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