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Arts, crafts and hobbies

5 Great Activities For Elderly With Limited Mobility

If you feel like you aren’t able to enjoy physical activity as much as you used to, you are not …

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Senior Adults Volunteering

Volunteering For Active Older Adults

Volunteer work provides many active older adults with the perfect opportunity to showcase their unique talents in a multitude of …

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Virtual Communication

How Seniors Are Staying Connected With Family

Technology and virtual communication is great for many things. Mainly, staying connected with family and friends over distances and generations, without …

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Seniors Gardening

Turning Hobbies For The Elderly Into Social Activities

Did you know that common hobbies can be turned into social activities for seniors, helping to improve their health and …

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Senior Man Learning Guitar Online

Best Online Courses For Seniors Who Love To Learn

As your body changes with age, your brain changes too. In fact, mental decline is one of the biggest fears …

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Senior Woman Dancing

On The Move: Everyday Activities For Older Adults

Many adults 65 and older on average spend 10 hours or more each day sitting or lying down, making them …

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