Become A Service Provider

Become a Service Provider

How Referrals Work

Once you complete our certification process, we’ll create a DwellAssured-Certified Service Provider account for your business that automatically delivers the industry’s most qualified leads to you. Here’s how we do it.

Step 1: The Client Completes Our Assessment

A DwellAssured assessor completes our clinically developed 360-Degree Age In Place Home Assessment inside the client’s home, then develops a custom aging-in-place plan based on the client’s needs.

Step 2: We Connect The Client To You

If the client requires your services, the assessor links him or her to your DwellAssured account before the assessment appointment is over. You’ll receive an email notification indicating that you have a new lead opportunity.

Step 3: Accept Or Decline The Lead

Review the lead’s preliminary details and contact deadline, then determine if you want to accept or decline it. You will only be billed for leads that you accept. Plus, our referral fees are significantly less than the competition’s.

Step 4: Win The Business!

Once you accept a lead, you’ll receive the client’s complete details via email. Now it’s up to you to contact the client and win the business. Clients are connected to a maximum of 3 service providers per category, so you’ll have significantly less competition than with other lead generation solutions.

Step 5: Deliver Exceptional Customer Service

All service providers are required to follow our Client Bill of Rights when contacting and performing services for DwellAssured clients. Clients will have the opportunity to rate service providers and/or report those who do not meet these requirements, which can impact your ranking in our system. For your protection, your organization will also be able rate and report any issues with clients.

How Much Are Referral Fees?

DwellAssured referral fees vary slightly by service provider category, but are $100 per lead for most categories. This is significantly less than many other lead generation solutions, which automatically charge you regardless of whether you want the lead or not. (DwellAssured gives you the choice to accept or decline leads.) Contact us to learn about the referral fees for your category.

How Am I Billed for Leads?

Your DwellAssured account will be required to have a credit card on file in order to begin receiving lead opportunity notifications. Once you accept a lead, your credit card will automatically be charged the referral fee for that lead.

What Are Contact Deadlines?

All leads will include a deadline by which you must contact the client—typically within 3 days of lead acceptance. We do this to ensure our clients get prompt and reliable service. If you do not think you can contact the client within that time frame, you have the option to decline the lead.

What Are Service Provider Rankings?

Using a standardized set of metrics that evaluate things like customer service, timeliness, and quality of work, we rank all DwellAssured-Certified Service Providers internally. Service providers with the highest rankings will automatically be awarded more lead opportunities. Our mission is to help you—and the clients you serve—succeed, so we are here to help you improve your ranking, should it become a concern.

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