Become A Service Provider

Become a Service Provider

How We're Different

DwellAssured eliminates many of the hassles that come with other lead generation services like Angie’s List, Handy, HomeAdvisor, and Thumbtack. The key is our certification process: by keeping our network exclusive, we prevent our clients from being overwhelmed—and limit the number of competitors you’re up against.

DwellAssuredLead Gen Competitors
Membership/Monthly FeeFree to join; No monthly fees Initiation fee and monthly fees
VettingAll service providers must complete our certification process to ensure only reputable businesses are awarded leadsMinimal vetting; almost any business can compete for leads regardless of their quality of work
Fee per Lead$100 averageSignificantly higher
Number of Service Providers Who Are Awarded a LeadCapped at 3Significantly higher; our studies show a range of 15-20 competitors per lead
Lead QualityQualified by an assessor during our in-person DwellAssured 360-Degree Home Assessment Not qualified; leads are self-submitted through a website or purchased data
Lead Acceptance OptionsYou have the option to accept or decline each lead you receiveLeads are automatically accepted and billed to you as they come in
Lead BillingYou are billed an agreed-upon set price only for leads that you accept Unknown variable price
Client Communication CostFreeBilled by message in addition to lead fee
Quality ControlClients and service providers can rate one another and report issues to DwellAssuredMinimal quality control
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