About Us

About Us

About DwellAssured:
The First Complete Aging In Place Solution

DwellAssured is the first company designed to give older adults and their loved ones a complete plan for aging in place. We provide comprehensive, unbiased guidance with only one goal in mind: to help older adults flourish in the place they call home.

Explore Our Aging In Place Solutions

A customized plan to help you safely stay in your own home.

Vetted professionals who can provide the support services you need.

Needs Navigator

Needs Navigator

A free tool to help you figure out where to start.

Helpful how-to articles curated by our gerontology experts.

See How We’re Different

There are many companies that can help you navigate certain aspects of aging, such as home care providers and home improvement contractors. But there has never been a single company designed to give you everything you need to successfully age in place—until now.


We help solve all your challenges, from fall prevention to financial security.


We don’t work for a home care agency—we only work for you.


We connect you to the right service providers to check every item off your to-do list.


We take care of your essential needs so that you can focus on what fulfills you.

Why Aging In Place Matters

Studies show that 88% of older adults would prefer to stay in their homes rather than move into a retirement community.

There are also economic and caregiver burdens that must be considered as older adults and their families plan out their next moves. DwellAssured has compiled the data you need to make the right decision for you and your loved ones.

The Science Of Aging With Purpose

At DwellAssured, we believe that getting older is an incredible opportunity to do the things you’ve always wanted to do. That’s why we’ve built our aging in place solutions around the Massachusetts Institute of Technology’s Aging in Place Hierarchy of Needs model. The science shows that once your essential needs are met—needs like home safety modifications and proper health care—you’ll have the freedom to focus on the things that truly enrich your life.

Built By The Experts On Aging Well

DwellAssured has brought together a leadership team of experts in all aspects of aging—from gerontology to caregiver health—to bring the latest advances in aging in place to you and your family.