360-Degree Age In Place Assessment

360-Degree Age In Place Assessment

What We Assess

The DwellAssured 360-Degree Age In Place Home Assessment was created by advance practice RNs and gerontology experts from Georgetown University who recognized that, while there were many assessments that evaluated specific aspects of aging, such as cognitive skills and physical health, there was no single tool that took into consideration everything older adults need to successfully age in place.

The Solution: Complete, Unbiased Guidance

Performed by licensed RNs who are specially trained in gerontology, the DwellAssured 360-Degree Age In Place Home Assessment is the first assessment designed to give you and your loved ones a complete, unbiased roadmap to aging in place—covering all aspects of your health, wellness, and home environment.

The 7 Key Areas That We Assess


Physical Health

We’ll discuss all aspects of your physical health, from vision problems to sleep disorders. We’ll also review your medications, any recent surgeries or screenings you have had, and your advanced care plans. 


Everyday Living Skills

Together, we’ll review your basic activities of daily living and your comfort levels with each—activities such as bathing and dressing, shopping, transportation, food preparation, and housekeeping.


Cognitive Health

Cognitive health is being able to clearly think, learn, and remember. We’ll review your cognitive strengths to ensure you have the support you need to maintain better brain health and stay engaged.


Mental Health

Good mental health is a significant factor in your overall wellness. Our assessment will make sure you have the tools in place to reduce your risk for, or manage, conditions like depression and anxiety that are common in older adults.


Social Support

Research shows that there is a strong link between our support networks and our physical and mental health. We’ll connect you with social tools and programs that can help you thrive.


Spiritual Health

If spirituality is something that you value, we’ll explore ways you can continue to participate in, or increase your participation in, the religious services and activities that matter to you.


Home Safety

We’ll go room by room through your home to uncover and correct safety hazards, as well as opportunities to improve your comfort and mobility.